Apr 1, 2023Liked by Alice Otieno

Very much appreciate your commentary on time and how it’s helpful to surrender to it. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of time lately. It’s interesting how we always try to master time to somehow speed up a process. But I like how you reflect on time and accept it as an uncontrollable factor by choosing to not set deadlines on goals or milestones.

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Mar 31, 2022Liked by Alice Otieno

This week’s newsletter really hit me in a way unimaginable. It feels like I needed to see this message. I don’t necessarily have the words to express myself as well written the letter was but, I’d like to tell you guys what you doing with Common Discourse and each and every project and side project affiliated with Mouthwash studios feels purposeful. You can feel the intentionality with everything and I simply cannot thank you guys enough for it. Through words, sound and imagery you guys never fail to leave me inspired and in awe.

This is me simply saying thank you for not only this post but actually making your dreams and ideas into life/fruition. They inspire a lot of us

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