* LUXOR by Sebastián Narbona https://local.mx/cultura/diseno/sebastian-narbona-restauracion-mobiliario-cdmx-luxor/

* GALLERIA OMR in Roma need to make a reservation.

* CASA BASALTA also in Roma. It’s a concept house with galleries, shops , cafes, etc. 
Explore it all (front, back, up and down). Walk along Colima for the cool shops. 
Eat at Rosetta.

* There a lot of Art Galleries in the same area…


* Panaderia Rosetta for breakfast + pastries

* Contramar - Get the grilled fish with green and red sauces

* Lardo - for brunch

* La Docena

* Huset  - great for dinner – make a reservation

* Buna 42 - for great coffee and good food too

* Neveria Roxy for old-school ice cream + ices

* El Cardenal for breakfast, it's supposed to be a classic


* Bosforo is a must for mezcal 

* Gin Gin – great cocktails

* Felina – cool spot, more hidden, great cocktails

* La Clandestina 

* Romita Comedor (entrance is hidden with no sign, but a door man is in front)


* On Saturday, go to San Angel for the Mercado Sabado; amazing crafts, ceramics, etc inside an old house (and there's a packed market all around it, too).

* LOS DANZANTES is a nice restaurant for lunch in Cuyaocan, visit the Mercado after and then make your way to CINATECA.


* Utilitario Mexicano

* PAY'S store

* Casa Bosques

* Hi-BYE Store

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Mexico City is easily one of my favorite, if not my favorite, cities in the world. So good choice, you will have lots of fun!

I unfortunately hadn't picked up the habit of creating Google Maps of my favorite places when I visited but these are the things I remember and highly recommend:


1. Maximo Bistrot

2. Contramar

3. Pujol (It's a Michelin Star restaurant so good luck on the reservation, but it's worth the price if you can manage to get a table. Compared to LA's fine dining prices is actually pretty cheap)

4. Margaritas on the rooftop of the Condesa DF hotel


Luis Barragan House (also needs a reservation)

Soumaya Museum

The House of Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera

Jumex Museum

Unno Gallery

The flea market on Paseo De LA Reforma

Mercado Abelardo Rodriguez (houses a Diego Rivera Mural)


Casa Bosques

Apt 25 (I think this is the name)

Hi Bye


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