Common Discourse is a project designed to help others (and ourselves) think through creativity, focus, and intentional work. It hits your inbox every Tuesday and Friday at 9:17am.

On Tuesdays, briefings are structured with a journal entry, a few ideas from us, a quote from somebody else, and a few links leading to interesting things we found on the Internet over the last week.

On Fridays, we welcome a guest to participate in Sights & Sounds. A quick look into the Camera Roll of interesting people doing normal things along with a song, voice memo, or recording of their choice.


Alex Tan

Alex Tan is a researcher, writer, and strategist living in Los Angeles. I’ve spent the last 5 years working in the ad industry as an art director, helping brands conceptualize and visually execute ideas for campaigns and brand launches of all sizes. Today, I’m a Partner and Co-Founder of various projects focusing on creative strategy and direction. You can find me on social @jalexandertan. Feel free to reach out jalexandertan@gmail.com

Current Projects:

  • Partner and Co-Founder at MOUTHWASH—an offbeat experiment and editorial platform that explores stories through print, apparel, objects, and conversation.

  • Partner and Co-Founder at MOUTHWASH Studio—a creative practice that develops design, direction, and strategies for modern brands and individuals.

  • Partner at Public Display of Affection—a lifestyle label practicing compassionate curiosity.

  • Founder at Common Discourse—a project designed to help others (and myself) think through creativity, focus, and intentional work.

Alice Otieno

Alice Otieno is a London based multidisciplinary creative, whose work centres around photography, writing and research. My work seeks to explore fundamental ideas surrounding the nature of our existence—bridging the gap between intellectual thought processes & creative practice.



Alex Tan
Co-Founder of MOUTHWASH Studio. Experimenting with Common Discourse.
Alice Otieno
Creative Strategist at MOUTHWASH Studio. Curating & researching on are.na/alice-otieno